soilACE 2004, joined 132 attendees and 15 speakers, from 13 countries and 3 different continents. 3 round tables and a poster exhibition took place.

soilACE 2004, joined some of the best world experts on the fields of ecology, microbiology and molecular techniques of population analisys on soils and compost and agronomy.

soilACE 2004 was organized by Biomasa Peninsular and IRENA (Instituto de Recursos Naturales de la Universidad de León).

You can download here the 2004 edition leaflet.

You can download here the the summary document of the 2004 conference.

It is available the book of the first conference edition. It contains more than 340 color pages and a hard cover format. Its prize is 50 € + shipment cost. Although if you order more than one book you will get a significant discount. To make a buying order please write us an e-mail or call us to (+34) 91 355 6401.


soilACE 2004 PAPERS

1.- A. Fliessbachpdf

2.- A. Moránpdf

3.- M.I. Trillaspdf

4.- J.L. Porcunapdf

5.- S. J. Scheuerellpdf

6.- G. W. J. van Lyndenpdf

7.- E. Favoinopdf

8.- A. M. Breurepdf

9.- I. Vogelpdf

10.- J. E. Thiespdf

11.- E. R. Inghampdf

12.- F. Amlingerpdf

13.- J. G. Fuchspdf

14.- R. M. Fernándezpdf

15.- H. A. J. Hoitinkpdf

16.- A. Bellopdf

17.- S. Matopdf

18.- C. García Izquierdopdf

19.- A. García Álvarezpdf

20.-M. de Bertoldipdf