ASAGA - Asociación de Agricultores y Ganaderos de Canarias
SECS - Sociedad Española de la Ciencia del Suelo
ESSC - European Society for Soil Conservation
SEAE - Sociedad Española de Agricultura Ecológica

soilACE has a significant importance due to its link with environmental and political EU issues related to Kyoto Protocol. Particularly, the acceptance of soil (woods, pastures and cultivos) as a sink for CO2, and projects of waste treatment and compost production related to the commerce of CO2 emissions.

Moreover, this conference contributes a vision about the role of organic culture in the present sustainable society. The conference pays particular attention to the organic matter fundamental function: soil preservation and fertility. As well as to the waste recycling and compost use on the agriculture-food-health chain.

We consider that this Conference could be of great interest for companies related with agri-food field, recycling of organic wastes and, in general, environmental protection.

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