BIOMASA PENINSULAR is a young Spanish group specialized in organic by-product and residuals recycling, that promotes soilACE to spread a new approach and connection among compost, soil, crops and food production based on eco-biology.



Organix Consultores is born from the interdisciplinary combination of profesional teams and experts, combining experience and vocation, on technical aspects and management: environmental management and advice projects, decentralized and integral solutions applied to organic wastes, organization of related events, integral social communication...


Instituto Canario de Investigaciones Agrarias (ICIA) develops its main research activity in the field of tropical and subtropical crops, plant protection and animal produce. It is an institution created to contribute knowledge and information to the canarian agricultural sector.


Alexis Sicilia

Organix Consultores. Spain

Manuel Caballero ICIA. Spain
Tomás Alcoverro ICIA. Spain
Antonio Rodríguez La Laguna University. Spain
Carlos Nogueroles GPAgroecológicos. Spain
Ramón Plana Consultor. Spain
Antonio Morán IRENA León University. Spain
Julio Berbel Cordoba University. Spain
Rafael García Biomasa del Guadalquivir. Spain
José Mª Gómez Biomasa Peninsular. Spain
Pablo Palacios Biomasa Peninsular. Spain


Harry Hoitink

Ohio State University. USA

Marco de Bertoldi

University of Udine. Italy

Janice Thies Cornell University USA
Elaine Ingham Soil Foodweb Inc. USA
Enzo Favoino

ISWA. Italy

María C. Jaizme-Vega ICIA. Spain
Antonio Bello Pérez CCMA – CSIC. Madrid. Spain
Carlos Gª Izquierdo CEBAS – CSIC. Murcia. Spain
I. Belén Estrada Biomasa Peninsular. Spain